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How the OV-fiets works

In order to rent an OV-fiets, you require a personal OV-chipkaart. You can load a free OV-fiets season ticket onto your card. We charge € 0.01 each year to verify your personal details and payment information.


It costs € 3.85 per 24-hour period to use an OV-fiets. If you keep the OV-fiets for more than 24 hours, you will be charged for an extra rental period (up to 72 hours). After 72 hours, you will incur an additional charge of € 5.

If you have an NS Business Card, go to OV-fiets for business travel.

Returning an OV-fiets at a different location

If you would like to return your OV-fiets to a different location than where you rented it, then you will be charged a € 10 fee.

Adjusting your OV-fiets

We recommend checking the tyre pressure and the lights prior to departure. You can pump up the tyres at the storage area. You can raise or lower the saddle on the OV-fiets using the quick-release lever. You do not need any tools to do this.

All OV-fietsen are fitted with puncture-proof tyres. As a result, the chance that you will get a puncture is reduced considerably. If this happens anyway, bring the OV-fiets back to the bicycle storage area where you rented it and it will be repaired for free. If you have the puncture repaired by a different bicycle mechanic, then the costs will not be reimbursed.

What to do with a broken or damaged OV-fiets?

  • Report the damage to us. You can do so in the manned storage facility or email us at info@ov-fiets.nl. When reporting damage to us, please make sure to specify the bike number, which is indicated on the fender.
  • If you rented the OV-fiets from a self-service rental location, you can report any damage in the access and payment system when you return the bike.
  • If the damage to the OV-fiets was caused by reckless use, you will be charged for the damage.
  • Flat tire? Return the OV-fiets to the storage facility. The tire will be fixed or replaced free of charge. If you have your bike repaired elsewhere, we will not reimburse your expenses.