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Cancelling a supplement

Supplements are required to travel on certain routes or with certain tickets. See how to cancel your unused supplement.

Cancelling an Intercity direct supplement

A supplement is required to travel on the ICE, the Intercity direct between Schiphol and Rotterdam, and when you travel in a different class. If you have bought or downloaded a supplement, but decide that you do not need it, then you may be able to cancel it.

You can buy an Intercity direct supplement at a supplement pole or as an e-ticket online. If you wish to cancel the Intercity direct supplement, you can do so at the supplement pole on the same platform where it was purchased within 30 minutes. You cannot cancel Intercity direct supplements purchased as an e-ticket.

Cancelling a class change supplement on a Keuzedag

If you would like to change from 2nd class to 1st class on a Keuzedag, you can download a class change at an NS Ticket Machine. You cannot cancel a class change or request a refund for class change supplements once they have been purchased.

Cancelling class change supplements with a season ticket

If you are traveling with a Dal Vrij, Weekend Vrij, Traject Vrij, Altijd Vrij or Student travel product, then you can travel in 1st class for a fixed amount. However, if you decide not to travel in 1st class, you cannot request a refund for the cost of the supplement.

Cancelling a class change supplement with an NS-Business Card

You may choose one of the following options:

  • a class change for an unlimited time;
  • a class change for one day;
  • a class change for a specific date/time.

If you order a class change supplement via Mijn NS Zakelijk, then you can only cancel it via Mijn NS Zakelijk. If you buy a class change supplement at an NS Ticket Machine, then you can only cancel it at the ticket machine. No extra costs will be charged for cancelling a supplement.

Cancelling a supplement as an e-ticket

You cannot cancel an e-ticket once it has been purchased, nor can you request a refund for an e-ticket if you do not use it.