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Plan your entire trip with NS

Whether you're taking the train, bus, tram, OV-fiets or a shared car, your trip begins in the NS app.

Plan your journey here

Bus, tram, subway

Also plan the bus, tram or subway easily through our Travel Planner.


For the last part of your journey. Rent it for only €4.45 per day.

Shared scooter

Fast and green to your destination. And now available in the NS app.

Every trip begins in the NS app

You probably know that you can use the Reisplanner to plan your train trips. But did you know that the NS app can do so much more? Check out nearby OV-fietsen and Greenwheels shared cars, or find the P+R lot closest to you for easy parking. Everything you need to plan your entire trip, from door to door.

Travel door to door with NS app