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Purchase a season ticket

In order to use an OV-fiets, you must have a season ticket. You can easily arrange this season ticket online, and link it to your OV-chipkaart. You no longer have to pay any fees for this season ticket. We charge €0.01 per year in order to verify your personal and payment details.

Order an OV-fiets season ticket

This season ticket requires a personal OV-chipkaart.

  • You can link this season ticket to any personal OV-chipkaart.
  • Once you have completed the order process, you will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation.
  • Season ticket fees will no longer be charged. An initial verification payment of  € 0.01 must be made using iDEAL. After that, we charge € 0.01 per year in order to verify your personal and payment details.
  • You do not need to collect the order at an NS Ticket Machine. Your OV-chipkaart does not show that you are able to rent an OV-fiets.

If you download the OV-fiets season ticket to an existing personal OV-chipkaart, you will be able to rent an OV-fiets within 30 minutes. If you have requested a new personal OV-chipkaart along with your OV-fiets season ticket, then you must wait until your new OV-chipkaart arrives at your home address before you can rent an OV-fiets.

If you wish to order an OV-fiets season ticket as an extra option for your train season ticket, you can choose when you would like your OV-fiets season ticket to become activated during the ordering process. If you wish your OV-fiets season ticket to be activated immediately, do not select 'extra option with your season ticket', but rather order your OV-fiets season ticket via the link below.

Your personal online account

You can use your personal online account to manage door-to-door services and your personal information. Here you can view your invoices and products, and carry out changes. Simply log in to your personal account via Mijn NS.

NS-Business Card

If you have an NS-Business Card of another travel card, then you can use the OV-fiets without the need to acquire a separate season ticket.