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King's Day timetable

On Friday evening, 26 April, and Saturday, 27 April, the trains will run according to a special Oranjedienstregeling timetable. On King's Night and King's Day, we will schedule extra trains and longer trains along several popular routes. In some cases, travellers may need to consider different departure times, departure platforms, or transfer stations, than they may be accustomed to. Some trains will also have a different final destination than the standard timetable. Prepare before you leave and plan your journey using the NS Travel Planner or the NS app.

A valid ticket

You must have a valid ticket to travel by train, even on King's Day. So make sure you board the train with a valid ticket. You can purchase a ticket in advance online.

If you will be travelling with an OV-chipkaart, please remember to top up the balance before you leave. Did you know that you can top up your card balance automatically? That way, you always have enough balance on your card, which saves you time on King's Day itself, as you won't have to wait in line at the ticket machines. Travellers with an NS Flex season ticket are billed at the end of the month.

Travelling to and from Schiphol

If you have to be at Schiphol on King's Day, plan on needing at least an extra half hour's travel time due to the crowds in the trains and at the stations. Travellers who need to get to Schiphol from Amsterdam can also travel from one of the surrounding stations. Plan your journey in advance via the NS Travel Planner or the NS app.

Closed stations

Stations Amsterdam RAI and Amsterdam Sciencepark will be closed on King's Day due to the crowds and the festivals nearby. Station Amsterdam RAI will be closed for train and metro; travellers can travel via station Amsterdam Zuid instead. The police have ordered the closure of station Amsterdam Sciencepark; travellers can travel via station Amsterdam Amstel instead.

Intercity direct

The Intercity direct will run between Amsterdam Centraal and Breda as normal on King's Day. Travellers between Schiphol-Rotterdam must purchase an IC Direct supplement.

International trains

If you plan on travelling with an international train on King's Day, the arrival and departure stations will remain unchanged. But we recommend that you leave early to catch your train on time. You can plan your journey in advance via the NS Travel Planner or the NS-app.