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Traveling with the NS app

From home to your appointment in the city, or from your work to your B&B address; plan your journey to any address using the NS app. The app is full of handy functionalities. For example, did you know that you can travel from door to door using the app? Or that you can see where the shops and OV-fiets are located at your arrival station? And that you can even see whether your train or bus is located in real-time? That way, you know if you have time for a cup of coffee first, and you can even see where to board the train to have the best chance of finding a seat! If you don't already have the NS app, you can download it for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Discover it in the NS app

Purchase a ticket online

Purchasing a ticket online is easy, quick and cheaper!

Train information

See how crowded your train is, and where you have the best chance of finding a seat.

Up to date travel information

The app shows where the train or bus is currently located, as well as the current departure times.

How was your journey?

Provide direct feedback on your experience travelling with NS via the NS app.

Assistance during your journey

People with a disability can use NS Travel Assistance for free.

NS-Business Card

NS app functionalities for business travellers