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Train information

If you would like to know how crowded your train is, where you have the best chance of finding a seat, or how often your train ran on time over the past 3 months, you can use the handy functionalities in the app, including the crowding indicator or the seat finder.

Crowding indicator

If you would like to know how crowded your train is, the crowding indicator provides a prognosis for the average capacity of the entire train, based on historical data and the scheduled train length. You can find the crowding indicator by clicking on the 'More' option at the top right of the screen.

Seat finder

If you will be travelling between Arnhem, Nijmegen, and Den Bosch, try the seat finder service currently being tested along these routes. In addition to the travel recommendation, the app now also shows which compartments still have seating available, based on the colours green, yellow, or orange. This feature helps you find a seat and suggests a good place to board the train. More information is available here

Punctuality indicator

When you select the option 'More' at the top right of the travel advice screen, you can see a punctuality rating. This number indicates how often your train has arrived on time over the past three months. When you click on the number, you can read background information about the rating.

Current train length and composition

The app also shows the train type and how long it is. When disruptions occur on the railway network, we may have to operate a different train type than scheduled. If the train is also shorter than planned, and may therefore be more crowded than expected, we will also show it in the app.