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Access for employees, transporters, tenants, and emergency services.

Service employees, cleaning- or maintenance personnel, travellers from abroad, travellers aboard closed carriers, and employees of the station shops all need a pass to gain access to the stations. Several different access products are available, including the Toegangspas, Service & Toegangspas, and KeyCard.


You can request a Toegangspas via the website if you work for ProRail, NS Stations, or other affiliated rail carriers. You can also request a Toegangspas via the website if you lease a retail unit from NS Stations, do contract work for NS Stations, work for a railway-related company, or if you need to enter the station for your job. The Toegangspas may only be used for the purpose for which it was issued; gaining access to the main railway infrastructure, including transfer facilities, within an area accessible only via access gates, in order to conduct work within the area. This pass may only be used during the period you need to be in the area for work purposes. The pass only offers access for one person.

Service & Toegangspas

The Service & Toegangspas is intended to provide access to a station with closed gates operated by the passenger transport provider. This pass allows you to provide service to the people who need it at the station (such as emergency services).


A KeyCard is a card with a square barcode that enables the traveller to open the access gates. The KeyCard is not a ticket. The product is available in both physical and digital formats. The digital KeyCard can be made to order with the specifications that are relevant to the applicant (for example, only valid for a specific time, station, day, etc.). 

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