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If you cannot travel independently on public transport due to a disability, the OV-Begeleiderskaart entitles you to take one travel companion along with you for free on the train, metro, tram or bus.

What is an OV-Begeleiderskaart?

With an OV-Begeleiderskaart, one companion can travel with you for free. The OV-Begeleiderskaart is registered under your name, which allows you to travel with various companions. The card is valid for 1 year or 5 years, and can be used on almost all trains, metros, trams and buses. Cards issued after 20 March 2017 also have a chip to open to open access gates at train stations and GVB and RET metro stations.

Request an OV-Begeleiderskaart

In order to request an OV-Begeleiderskaart, please call Argonaut at: 030-2354661. You must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for an OV-Begeleiderskaart:

  • You must reside in the Netherlands.
  • You and your companion must be at least 12 years old.
  • You make the entirety of the journey together You travel with a valid ticket, while your companion travels using the OV-Begeleiderskaart as ticket.
  • Neither you nor your companion are permitted to use the wheelchair bridge; only the NS travel assistant is permitted to do so.

No valid ticket

It is possible that you are unable to buy a ticket in advance. If you are travelling without a companion, but are able to provide ID, then the conductor will allow deferred payment. Your OV-Begeleiderskaart counts as a valid ID in such cases. You will then receive a payment slip delivered to your home, with which you can pay the normal rate.

Your Toegangspas Begeleider

If you were issued an OV-Begeleiderskaart before 20 March 2017, then you also received a Toegangspas Begeleider. This Toegangspas allows your companion to open the access gates at train stations and GVB or RET metro stations. It is not a ticket. Travel is only permitted with the OV-Begeleiderskaart. The Toegangspas is free and valid for 5 years.

Since 20 March 2017, if you apply for a new OV-Begeleiderskaart or a replacement you will no longer receive 2 cards. Instead you will receive 1 hard plastic OV-Begeleiderskaart with a chip to open access gates.

If you still have an OV-Begeleiderskaart with a separate Toegangspas Begeleider then you may continue to use them until they expire.