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New construction and renovations

Naturally, NS will continue to invest in the quality of travel for passengers in the years to come. Among other things, by purchasing new trains, such as the Sprinter Nieuwe Generatie. New trains also means more investment in our maintenance companies. For example, the Leidschendam location will be renovated in order to be able to maintain the new Sprinters. Strukton will be extending the halls on the left hand side of the maintenance company building.

Renovation Leidschendam

With the arrival of 118 new Sprinters, the Leidschendam location does not have enough capacity and space to carry out all the maintenance on the trains. The largest hall is currently being used for regular maintenance of the trains. Hall B, the yellow part, is the hall in which the technicians change the bogies. Hall A, the pink part, is currently being used sporadically. In the new situation, hall A will be used for the maintenance of the new Sprinters. The tracks in hall A will be replaced and extended from 82 to 175 metres. This will allow the technicians to simultaneously work on 2 four-carriage trains on one track.

Location Leidschendam has been operating since 1908. Every day, 250 employees work hard to make sure that all the trains are ready to get back on the tracks on time.