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Construction and maintenance by maintenance businesses and service locations

Our customers are our number 1, 2 and 3 priorities, so we are working to make the journey from door to door as comfortable and sustainable as possible. In the coming years NS will continue to invest in those journeys by ordering new trains and modernising existing rolling stock.

Ready for the future

New trains also require investment in our maintenance businesses and service locations. Our maintenance business in Maastricht and Leidschendam has undergone substantial modifications so that engineers can properly perform maintenance on the roofs of the sprinter trains Flirt and Sprinter New Generation. Facilities for maintaining these new trains have also been established at our service locations in Groningen, Zwolle, Alkmaar and Amersfoort.

Arnhem railway yard

NS is building a new Arnhem railway yard for storing and sorting trains. NS will be rearranging the current railway yard that is located between Emplacementstraat and Leeghwaterstraat. Greenery was removed from the site at the start of 2020. As of summer 2021, NS will use the yard for storing and sorting trains that are not used in its regular timetable but that can be deployed if necessary. New tracks, points, overhead power lines, fences, security cameras and staff facilities will be installed.

Progress on the development of Arnhem railway yard, March 2021