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New construction and renovations at NS

Our customers are our number 1, 2 and 3 priorities, so we are working to make the journey from door to door as comfortable and sustainable as possible. In the coming years, we will continue to invest in those journeys by ordering new trains and modernising existing rolling stock. New trains also mean investing in our locations.

NS also faces changing requirements regarding the environment, and new developments in train technology. In short; we embrace those changes, we innovate, and we prepare for the future in the most sustainable manner possible. We do that through new construction and through renovations of our stations, but also in our maintenance and service companies.

Train modernisation in Haarlem

NS is getting Train Modernisation ready for the future.

Arnhem railway yard

We are building a new railway yard in Arnhem to accommodate trains. 

Leidschendam maintenance location

NS and ProRail are building a new wheel maintenance pit building alongside the Leidschendam maintenance location.

Railyard Amsterdam Westhaven

ProRail and NS are building a new railyard 'parking lot' for trains in Amsterdam Westhaven.