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Making changes to door-to-door services

Going to and from the station with your own bicycle, an OV-fiets, the Zonetaxi, Greenwheels or using the bus, tram or metro. You can change several door-to-door services online.

Your personal Mijn deur tot deur environment

In your personal online environment Mijn deur tot deur you can change your email address, password, bank account number and products. You can also order a season ticket for an OV-fiets or bicycle storage. Create an account in order to do this.

Make changes to your bicycle storage season ticket

Mijn deur tot deur is a secure website on which registered NS Bicycle storage customers can find and change their personal information. You can change other personal details in My NS.

Making changes to your OV-fiets season ticket

Do you have an OV bicycle season ticket? With an account on Mijn deur tot deur you can manage your details for the OV-fiets and other door to door NS services. This way you can easily change personal personal details.

Extend your OV-fiets season ticket

A season ticket is valid for 12 months. Your season ticket is automatically extended after the first 12 months.

Making changes to door-to-door services with an NS-Business Card

Your employer has specified preferences that determine which door-to-door services are available to you. You can view these in Mijn NS Zakelijk under Mijn NS-Business Card. If you would still like to change something then you can do so via the contact person for NS within your company.

Making changes to door-to-door services as a freelancer or the sole card holder

As a freelancer or the sole card holder/applicant for cards, you can use Mijn NS Zakelijk to carry out changes yourself. In order to do so you must log in as contact person using your username onMijn NS Zakelijk. Do not use your email address.

Please note!Changes made to settings only apply to selected tickets. When you order new tickets they will always be supplied according to the specified preferences.

Making changes to NS Zonetaxi

Changing or cancelling a ride in the Zonetaxi

Would you like to cancel a booking with the Zonetaxi? Then you can do so online at (in Dutch) up to 15 minutes before the arrival of the taxi. If you cancel later than this, you will be charged a fee.

Making changes to a Zonetaxi booking

You can make changes to a reservation up to thirty minutes prior to the start of the ride. If you do this within half an hour before the desired departure time, then the changed booking is seen as a new taxi ride. As a result, it is possible that the desired departure time is no longer feasible.

Make changes to your reservation with Greenwheels

Would you like to change or cancel your reservation or make changes to your details or season ticket? You can find the information you need to do this on the Greenwheels website.