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Renting a bicycle from a self-service storage facility

The self-service storage facility is an automated unmanned rental location. If your OV-chipkaart has an OV-fiets service, then you can rent a bicycle from the facility.

Returning an OV-fiets

When you want to return a bicycle to the carousel, hold your card in front of the control panel to the right of the carousel door, then follow the instructions on the display. The door will open automatically and you can place the bicycle back into the slot. Make sure that you push the bicycle all the way to the front. When you are done, the door will close automatically. If you wish to return multiple bicycles, hold your card in front of the card reader again and repeat the steps above.

Renting a bicycle at a self-service storage

You can rent a bicycle using your OV-chipkaart starting from 15 minutes before the first train in the morning until 15 minutes after the last arrival at night.

Please note: If you rent a bicycle from the guarded storage facility, then you can also return your bicycle to the self-service facility, for an extra fee of € 10.

Cannot turn in the key

If you cannot turn in the key to your OV-fiets using the key machine, please leave it in the blue key box and call NS Customer Service at: 030-7515155, so that your key can be collected and scanned.