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Renting from a fietsbox

The OV-fietsbox is an automated rental location. If you have an OV-chipkaart with an OV-fiets service, you can rent an OV-fiets from the fietsbox.

Retrieving an OV-fiets

Place your OV-chipkaart in the slot on the control panel. You will hear a tone informing you it is safe to open the door. Inside the box, follow the instructions on the key machine display.

Returning an OV-fiets

Place the bicycle back in any free spot in the box and lock the bicycle. Go to the key locker and follow the instructions on the display. You will be asked if the bicycle is in good condition. If that is not the case, you can report the damage or defects, and the OV-fiets will not be rented out to another person until the damage has been repaired. Place the key pin in a free spot in the key machine and exit the OV-fietsbox.