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Replacing or renewing an OV-chipkaart with bicycle service

Has your OV-chipkaart with bicycle service been lost, expired, or gotten damaged to the point that it no longer functions? Fortunately, you can arrange a new OV-chipkaart and bicycle service in just a few easy steps.

  1.  Replace your lost, expired, or damaged OV-chipkaart easily via
  2. Check to make sure your bicycle service is automatically transferred to your new OV-chipkaart:
    • YES: If you had an NS season ticket on your old OV-chipkaart, then your OV-fiets service will automatically be transferred to your new card. Once you receive your new OV-chipkaart, you can immediately use your bicycle service as well. 
    • NO: If your old OV-chipkaart did not have an NS season ticket, then your OV-fiets service will not necessarily be transferred automatically to your new card. You can check this at a ticket machine or in Mijn NS. If your new OV-chipkaart does not have your bicycle service on it, you can request a new bicycle service for free via our website. 

      Request a new OV-fiets service

      Request a new Storage on account
  3. Cancel any bicycle service(s) on your old OV-chipkaart. There are several ways of doing this. Read how here.