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Prices for door-to-door services

Find the prices of various door-to-door services, including renting an OV-fiets or storing your bicycle at the stations.


You pay the OV-fiets rental rate each time you rent an OV-fiets. The subscription is free of charge. 

OV-fiets Price 2023 Price 2024
Rental per day (24 hours) € 4.45 € 4.55
After 72 hours, per day (24 hours) € 9.45 € 9.45
Return the OV-fiets to another rental location € 10 € 10
Not returning OV-fiets within 21 days of rental € 350* € 350*

If the OV-fiets is lost, stolen or damaged, it is vital that you contact us as soon as possible. 

Loss, theft or damage Price 2023 Price 2024
Loss or theft of the OV-fiets key € 20 € 20
Theft of OV-fiets with key and police report € 70 € 70
Theft of OV-fiets with police report, but no key € 350* € 350*
Damage to OV-fiets resulting from careless use Repair costs Repair costs

*Price of buying a new OV-fiets

Storing your bicycle at the station

There are several options available for storing your bicycle; from an annual season ticket to paying at the end of the month. If you'd rather not purchase a season ticket, you can instead use your bank debit card to pay each time you store your bicycle. See below for the applicable rates.

Bicycle storage season ticket Price 2023 Price 2024
Storage on account, day rate € 0.55 € 0.55
Bicycle storage annual season ticket Rates differ per storage facility Rates differ per storage facility
Bicycle locker annual season ticket € 109 € 109
Bicycle locker key deposit € 40 € 40
Manned self-service storage facility Price 2023 Price 2024
Access card deposit € 20 € 20

Renting a Greenwheels car

Rent a Greenwheels car with your OV-chipkaart. The costs of a Greenwheels car depend on how long and how far you drive. And which rate you choose.


By using the Transvision OV-taxi (Public transport taxi) platform, you can quickly and easily book a taxi to and from more than 320 stations at an attractive price. You pay for your taxi ride in advance with iDEAL. This prevents unwelcome surprises later, and you always know what your fare is going to be.

Parking at P+R parking facilities

When you travel with NS using your OV-chipkaart, you can enjoy a discount on parking fees. See the overview on the P+R consumer rates page.

Rates for train tickets and season tickets