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Benefits of this season ticket

  • Unlimited travel along a select route from the border.
  • 40% discount for 3 travel companions

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Please note!

You can no longer order the Grensabonnement (Border season ticket) online. Please contact our Customer Service:

Unlimited travel along a fixed route

With the Grensabonnement, you can enjoy unlimited travel along a single route from a border station. This is also valid with Keolis on the route Venlo - Venlo Grens and on sections of the Intercity Berlin and the ICE International within the Netherlands.

Available to or from the following border stations:

  • Germany: Bentheim, Emmerich, Venlo
  • Belgium: Roosendaal, Visé and Hazeldonk

Please note: only valid aboard the ICE at Emmerich, not aboard the RE19 (Abellio)

When can you travel with a discount?

On your route, you are eligible for unlimited travel
All day, every day.

For whom is it intended?

You travel regularly along a fixed route between Germany or Belgium and a station in the Netherlands.

Checking in and out

With a Grensabonnement, you do not need to check in and out along your select route.


Good to know

  • Delivery time

    You will receive your new personal OV-chipkaart for free with an annual season ticket.

    The new personal OV-chipkaart (with your season ticket) will be delivered to your home within one week.

    Season ticket within one day with an existing OV-chipkaart

    If you already have your own personal OV-chipkaart (with photograph), then enter the OV-chipkaart number when ordering your season ticket. You can then download your season ticket within one working day from an NS Ticket Machine.

  • Season ticket term

    This season ticket is valid for a term of one year. You can cancel your season ticket on a month-by-month basis, starting immediately after you purchase your season ticket (there is no minimum notice period). Any months that you have not used will be refunded to your account.

    If you would like to switch to NS Flex, then you can do so at any time, even during the first year of your season ticket.

  • Payment

    You pay for your season ticket on a monthly basis. You can pay the season ticket costs for the first month quickly and securely via your own bank using iDeal. Your first payment completes the order process and confirms your banking details. The remaining season ticket costs will automatically be debited from your bank account each month.

    If you would rather pay your season ticket costs with one lump sum, then you can pay the entire amount via iDeal.

    No iDeal

    If you do not have iDeal, but you do have a personal OV-chipkaart, you can order a season ticket by telephone. NS Customer Service is available 24 hours per day. 

  • Conditions

More information

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More information

  • How do I travel outside of my fixed route with a Grensabonnement?

    You can purchase a one-way or return ticket for your train journey outside your route. Tickets are for sale at NS ticket machines, NS service desks or online. You can pay with iDEAL when purchasing online. 

    • Order a one-way or return for use with the Grensabonnement (with a 40% discount)
    • Print out the e-ticket and bring your OV-chipkaart with your season ticket , so that you can prove that you have a Grensabonnement when tickets are checked

    If you visit a station with NS gates, you can open them using the square code on your e-ticket.

  • Travelling from the border to your destination abroad

    You will require a supplementary ticket from a foreign carrier for your journey beyond the border. 

    Travelling to Belgium

    For travel to Belgium, the NMBS offers interesting season tickets for travel from and to Roosendaal, Eijsden, Maastricht and Maastricht Randwyck. For more information on these season tickets, go to

    For the first time, a Mobib card (Belgian OV-Chipkaart) must be requested. You can then pick up your product online or from an NMBS ticket machine. NMBS has installed its own ticket machines at Roosendaal, Maastricht, Eijsden and Maastricht Randwyck stations. You can pay with Dutch bank cards at the NMBS ticket machines.

  • Travelling during national holidays

    Which holidays does NS recognise?

    We have several national holidays each year. See the page for national holidays and NS.

    Do you travel with a Weekend Vrij season ticket,

    If so, then you can enjoy unlimited travel on national holidays, even if they fall on a weekday.

    Do you travel using a different season ticket? 

    If so, then you can travel all day on national holidays with the discount for your season ticket.

  • Changing or cancelling your season ticket

    Changing your season ticket

    You can change your NS season ticket via Mijn NS or by calling our Customer Service. Read more about changing your season ticket.

    Cancelling your season ticket

    There are several methods to cancel your NS season ticket. After you cancel your season ticket, you can either delete it from your OV-chipkaart manually or it will be deleted automatically. The cancellation periods differ for each season ticket. Read more about cancelling your season ticket.