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The more people the cheaper

NS Group return ticket for max. 10 people

€ 55 voor 4 personen

Individual tickets

If you do not travel very often by train and do not have a season ticket, choose a return (there and back) or a single (one way). If a group of you are travelling together, the NS Group Return may be a good option. You can also find tickets here to various events, as well as details of the supplements you may need to pay for your journey.

Take a Single ticket to your destination

Ook als mobiel ticket

Out and back on the same route on the same day

Ook als mobiel ticket

Children save money travelling with Railrunner

€ 2,50 per child

Travel together cheaply by train

€ 55 voor 4 personen

One whole day's unlimited travel on trains

€ 52,60

Take your bike on the train throughout the Netherlands.

€ 6,10

For when you take your pet with you on the train.

€ 3,10