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Use voucher code

Exchange your voucher code for your train tickets

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Enter the voucher code for the ticket that you purchased. If the code has not yet been filled in automatically, please enter it manually and then click ‘Redeem’.


I receive an error message when entering my coupon code. What should I do?

Please contact NS Customer service.

Is a coupon code valid indefinitely?

No, you must use the coupon code before its expiry date. The period in which you can redeem your coupon code and receive a discount on an NS product is indicated in the e-mail you received. If you book a trip or order a product online via, then the expiry date is also indicated here. Each coupon code has its own expiry date.

I have lost my coupon code. Can I request this from NS?

If you purchased your ticket from a third party (e.g. Kruidvat, Blokker, Albert Heijn), please contact the store that you bought the ticket from. If you purchased your ticket through NS, please contact NS Customer service.

I no longer know the expiry date of my coupon code. How can I find this out?

Please contact NS Customer service. Have your coupon code ready so that we can help you as quickly as possible.