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Ook als mobiel ticket

Single ticket

Take a Single ticket to your destination

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  • You do not use the train that often? Then just buy a Single ticket.
  • If you do not have an OV-chipkaart, use a single-use smart card or e-ticket

Useful information

  • Valid from 00.00 one day to 04.00 the next morning
  • You can break your journey, though, provided you complete it the same day
  • Children under 4 years may travel for free. For children 4-11 years old, Railrunner tickets are available for € 2,50.
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  • Features
  • Also:

    • If you are travelling out and back on the same route the same day, then buy a Day return.
    • If you are travelling back another day, you will need two Single tickets.

    All products are subject to terms and conditions.
    General terms and conditions for the carriage of Passengers and hand luggage of Nederlandse Spoorwegen (PDF, 231 kB in Dutch)

  • Ordering
  • Travelling with a prepaid OV-chipkaart

    You can top up your OV-chipkaart easily and pay for your train travel by checking in and out. You need at least € 20 as a starting fare (in Dutch) before you can travel.

    Single-use smart card

    For a single-use smart card you pay € 1 more than when you use a prepaid OV-chipkaart. Single-use smart cards are available from:

    • NS ticket machines;
    • NS service counters;
    • Kiosks with NS Tickets & service;
    • all other NS outlets.


    You can also buy a Single ticket as an e-ticket, which you buy online. Enter the details of the journey you want to make and the passenger's name, then pay for your order with iDEAL. Download and print the e-ticket yourself. Use this printout to board the train.

    Read more about the e-ticket

    NS tickets for groups

    Do you need to order large numbers of NS tickets, for visitors to a conference at your hotel, for example? Or are you travelling with a large group? That's easy, just order NS tickets for groups (in Dutch).

  • E-ticket
  • Travelling with an e-ticket

    More and more NS stations are keeping their gates closed. If you are travelling with an e-ticket, you can open the gate using the 2D barcode [QR code] on your e-ticket.

    How can you tell whether a gate has a barcode reader?

    You cannot open all gates with an e-ticket, only those which have barcode readers. You can recognise these by the 'scan ticket' image on the right door of the gate, and by the illuminated area on the right of the gate.

    How to open a gate with your e-ticket

    Step 1: Look for a gate with the 'scan ticket' symbol
    Step 2: Hold the barcode against the illuminated area on your right
    Step 3: The gate will open and you can now enter or leave the station

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Do I still need to check in and out with a Single ticket on my single-use smart card?

    Yes, you must always check in and out with a Single ticket on a single-use smart card.

    You need to do this to be eligible for a refund if you are delayed. Unless you check in and out as you should, you will not be eligible for a refund if you are delayed.

    Is a Day return cheaper than buying 2 singles?

    A return costs the same as 2 single journeys, but you pay a € 1 surcharge twice if you buy 2 single journeys on a single-use smart card, but only once if you buy a return.

    Can I travel more than once on the same day with a Day return?

    No, that is not allowed.

    What international tickets are valid with/available from NS to travel on the Dutch section?

    The table below shows all domestic tickets which NS sells and/or are valid on NS trains, plus on what other trains and by what foreign operators they are accepted.

    Table of domestic tickets available with NS (PDF, 48 kB)

    What domestic tickets are valid with/available from NS?

    The table below shows all the tickets NS sells and/or are valid on NS trains (NS Passengers), and also what other operators accept them on their trains.
    Available tickets with NS (PDF, 32,8 kB)

    Single ticket

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