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Available as mobile ticket

Groupticket off-peak hours

Out together and/or back home together.

€ 8 per person

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The benefits

  • Travelling together is cheap and sociable
  • For 4 people or more, you pay just € 1,50 for each additional passenger
  • Now also available as a mobile ticket

Useful information

  • Available for 4 - 7 people
  • The ticket is for a single journey
  • Not valid in the morning or afternoon peak periods
  • The main ticket holder must always be present
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    Do all the people in the group have to travel together?

    People from the same group are required to travel together at the same time. Each group ticket has a main ticket holder and their fellow passengers. Each ticket says whether the passenger concerned is the main ticket holder or not and how many people are in the group. The main rule is that a fellow passenger must always travel together with the main ticket holder. The fellow passengers can get on at a later station.

    When can you travel with the group ticket?

    The Group Ticket only lets you travel at off-peak hours. On Monday to Friday, that means before 06:30, between 09:00 and 16:00 and after 18:30. At weekends, it is all day from 18:30 on Friday evening until 06:30 on Monday morning.

    Can you also get a Group Ticket from a ticket machine?

    The Group Ticket is only available as an e-ticket. After completing their order, passengers can choose to download their e-ticket and print it, or to load the e-ticket into the Journey Planner Xtra app.

    Groupticket off-peak hours
    € 8
    per person
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