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Available as mobile ticket

NS Group return ticket

Travel together cheaply by train

€ 55 for 4 persons

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  1. Four people travelling together
  2. When more than four people are travelling, each additional passenger costs only € 2.50.
  3. Travelling together is cheaper and friendly, as well as better for the environment
  4. Now available as a mobile ticket as well

Useful information

  • Also valid for other train carriers
  • Valid from 09.00 and at weekends, and on all public holidays except King’s Day
  • Can only be ordered online
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  • Features
    • The NS Groepsretour is available for a minimum of 4 people, up to a maximum of 10.
    • Please note: From 13 April the departure station and the destination station must be identical for all members of the group, so you will be travelling from and returning to the same station.

    When can you travel cheaply with the NS Groepsretour?
    The NS Groepsretour is valid from 09.00 on working days, all day at weekends and on all public holidays except King’s Day (27 April).

    The more people who travel, the cheaper it is
    The NS Groepsretour is economical for groups of from 4 people up to a maximum of 10. The bigger the group, the cheaper it becomes. 

    Fares per person

    • 4 people for € 13.75 
    • 5 people for € 11.50 
    • 6 people for € 10
    • 7 people for € 8.93 
    • 8 people for € 8.13 
    • 9 people for € 7.50 
    • 10 people for € 7

    Download the conditions

  • Ordering
  • One member of the group books the ticket, which is bought and paid for online. The details of each one of the passengers are entered. The ticket can also sent to each of the other passengers. The email address for each passenger who is to receive an e-ticket is entered in order to do this.

  • E-ticket
  • Printing or downloading as a mobile ticket

    The e-ticket is available as a mobile ticket. When your order is complete, you can choose to either download and print your e-ticket or to load it in the Reisplanner Xtra app, which is available for smartphones using Android 4.0, Apple iOS 8 or later. 

    > Everything about travelling with mobile tickets 

    The rules in brief

    • A mobile ticket is valid only when it is loaded in the NS Reisplanner Xtra app.
    • You are responsible for showing a valid ticket, so you should therefore ensure that you have a sufficiently-charged and properly-functioning smartphone.
    • A mobile ticket is for use by one specific person. Just like a printed e-ticket, a mobile ticket is therefore only valid in combination with a valid identity document.
    • The Conditions for travelling with an e-ticket (in dutch) apply to travelling with an e-ticket. 

    Identity document

    An NS e-ticket is for use by one specific person. It is therefore only valid in combination with a valid identity document, so don’t forget to take your passport or ID card with you when you travel.

    Travelling with an e-ticket

    The gates at more and more NS stations are closed. If you are travelling with an e-ticket, you open the gate with the square barcode on the e-ticket.

    How can you recognise a gate with a barcode reader?

    Not all gates can be opened with an e-ticket, only those with a barcode reader. These have a pictogram with ‘scan ticket’ on the right-hand door of the gate and a lit-up panel on the right-hand side of the gate.

    Step-by-step: how to open a gate using your e-ticket

    Step 1: Go to a gate with the 'scan ticket' pictogram.
    Step 2: Hold the barcode against the lit-up panel on the right.
    Step 3: The gate opens and you can now enter or leave the station.
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Do all the people in the group have to travel together?

    No, the members of a group do not have to travel together at the same time. However, the departure and destination stations do have to be identical.

    Can I use NS Group returns with other operators too?

    NS Group returns are also accepted by other train operators, although ICE and Intercity direct charge a supplement. If you are travelling with Intercity direct on the Rotterdam – Schiphol route, you can put a supplement on your OV-chipkaart at the Supplement post on the platform, at any NS ticket machine or online. You can put an ICE supplement on your OV-chipkaart at any NS ticket machine or service counter.

    NS Group return ticket
    € 55
    for 4 persons
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