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ICE supplement

Travel comfortably by ICE

€ 2,40 per single journey

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  • If you have an NS season ticket, you travel free by ICE in the Netherlands
  • Travel comfortably by ICE in the Netherlands
  • Easy to put on your OV-chipkaart

Useful information

  • Free with student season tickets and NS-Business Cards
  • Valid on fixed route Amsterdam - Utrecht - Arnhem and vice versa
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  • Features
  • Also:

    • On the Amsterdam - Utrecht - Arnhem route and vice versa, you pay a € 2,40 supplement per single journey
    • If you have a season ticket which is valid with NS, you can travel by ICE International in the Netherlands without a supplement; but your season ticket must include the Amsterdam Central - Utrecht Central - Arnhem route or part of it.
  • Ordering
  • You can buy an ICE supplement in a number of ways:

    • Via an NS ticket machine, putting the ICE supplement on your OV-chipkaart
    • Via an NS service counter, again putting the ICE supplement on your OV-chipkaart
    • On a single-use smart card
  • E-ticket
  • Printing

    • Print the ticket in A4 format and in portrait (otherwise the barcode will not work)
    • Check whether the ticket is legible

    E-tickets are only valid if they are legible and printed in the correct format.

    Proof of identity

    NS e-tickets are personal. As a result, they are only valid in combination with a valid proof of identity. Do not forget to bring your passport or ID card when travelling.

    Opening gates

    You do not need to check in with your e-ticket, but increasing numbers of stations are fitted with closed gates. You can open the gates using the square barcode on your e-ticket.

    Make sure that you choose a gate with a barcode reader. These feature an image with 'scan ticket' on the right hand door of the gate, and an illuminated surface on the right hand side of the gate.

    Step by step guide: how to open a gate with an e-ticket

    Step 1: Go to a gate with the 'scan ticket' symbol.
    Step 2: Hold the barcode against the illuminated surface on the right hand side.
    Step 3: The gate will open and you can enter or leave the station.

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Can I travel on the ICE without a supplement if I have a Traject Vrij season ticket?

    Yes, also with a trajectabonnement you can travel on the ICE International without a supplement.

    ICE supplement
    € 2,40
    per single journey
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