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Amsterdam region travel ticket

A one-day ticket that is valid in the train, tram, bus and metro

1-day€ 18,50

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The benefits

  1. Everything is on just 1 ticket. It gives you unlimited travel in Amsterdam and throughout the region
  2. Carefree travel on public transport in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam region
  3. Cheaper than separate tickets

Good to know

  • 1-day (€ 18.50), 2-day (€ 26) and 3-day (€ 33.50) tickets are available
  • Included is a handy map showing places of interest in and around Amsterdam
  • See the Terms & Conditions (in dutch)
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  • There can I buy one?
  • The ticket can be bought from NS counters, participating other carriers (EBS, Connexxion and GVB) and via third parties. 

    • NS Tickets & Service counters on these railway stations: Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Centraal, Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Amsterdam Zuid, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Haarlem, Zaandam, Hoofddorp, Almere Centrum and Hilversum.
    • GVB Tickets & Info: Amsterdam Centraal Station (Stationsplein), Bijlmer ArenA Station, Lelylaan Station & Zuid Station.
    • EBS Tickets & Info: Amsterdam Centraal Station (IJ side), Purmerend Tramplein, Edam bus station.
    • Connexxion Tickets & Info: Schiphol Airport/plaza (Bus platform 9, open daily 8.30 - 17.30 Amsterdam).
    • I Amsterdam Visitor centre: Amsterdam Centraal Station, Schiphol Airport, Arrivals 2 at Schiphol plaza (Holland Tourist information).
  • When and where the ticket can be used
  • Train

    You can use the Amsterdam Travel Ticket for unlimited travel by train (2nd class) between any of the following stations in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam region: Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA, Amsterdam Central Station, Amsterdam Holendrecht, Amsterdam Lelylaan, Amsterdam Muiderpoort, Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam Sciencepark, Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Amsterdam Zuid, Duivendrecht, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Halfweg-Zwanenburg, Haarlem, Haarlem Spaarnwoude, Overveen, Zandvoort aan Zee, Zaandam, Zaandam Kogerveld, Purmerend Weidevenne, Purmerend, Purmerend Overwhere, Koog aan de Zaan, Zaandijk Zaanse Schans, Hoofddorp, Diemen, Weesp, Almere Poort, Almere Centrum, Almere Muziekwijk, Almere Parkwijk, Almere Buiten, Almere Oostvaarders, Lelystad Centrum, Diemen Zuid, Naarden-Bussum, Bussum Zuid, Hilversum, Hilversum Media Park and Hilversum Sportpark.

    Tram, bus, metro, ferry

    The ticket is valid on all trams, buses, night buses, metros and ferries run by the Amsterdam transport company GVB, EBS and Connexxion in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam region.

    When is the ticket valid from?

    The ticket is valid from the moment you first check in until 04.00 after the last day of validity (the ticket is valid for 1, 2 or 3 days, depending on the variant). The day begins at midnight.

    Example: if you check in with your 2-day ticket from midnight onwards on Wednesday, it will be valid until 04.00 on Friday.

    All products are subject to NS terms and conditions.

    These are the General Terms and Conditions for the carriage of Passengers and Hand Luggage of the Netherlands Railways (AVR-NS) (PDF, 591 kB – in Dutch)

  • Smart Ticket
  • Smart ticket: OV-chipkaart

    The ticket is a single-use smart ticket (called an OV-chipkaart). Use it to check in at the start of your journey, and to check out at the end of every trip. 

    Checking in and out

    Hold your card up to the free-standing pole or gate to check in for your train journey; then repeat the process to check out again when you reach your destination. You need to check in and out with each operator, i.e. if you change to bus, tram or metro. You must also check out at an NS card reader before checking in with another operator. If you are travelling out of the country, you do not need to check in or out in the Netherlands.

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Who is the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket for?

    The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is intended for tourists from other countries, but can be used by everyone (including residents of the Netherlands).

    How do I travel using the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket?

    Travelling using the ticket is the same as with a normal single-use smart card. You check in and out for each carrier company. Also available as a ticket on your smart phone. 

    Amsterdam region travel ticket
    € 18,50
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