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Secure bicycle storage at the station

Park your bike in a secure storage facility at the station. You can find secure bicycle storage facilities at most major stations, and the first 24 hours are often free of charge. If you store your bicycle for longer than 24 hours, you can pay afterwards by means of Storage on account, or on the spot with your debit card.

Benefits of our secure bicycle storage facilities

Your bicycle is safe and dry

in our secure bicycle storage facilities.

First 24 hours free of charge

in most storage facilities

Bicycle repairs available

at the Fiets & Service locations in the storage facility

How secure bicycle storage works

  1. Find a bicycle storage facility near you. 
  2. Use your OV-chipkaart to check into the storage facility, either with a staff member or using a self-service pole.
  3. Pay with your OV-chipkaart or debit card when you collect your bike.

There are both staffed and self-service bicycle storage facilities. Self-service bicycle storage facilities have an access gate and are monitored by security cameras.

Bicycle storage opening hours

Most bicycle storage facilities are open from 15 minutes before the first train until 15 minutes after the arrival of the last train. Search for your bicycle storage facility and find out when it is open.

Cost of station bicycle storage facility

Secure bicycle storage facilities at most stations are free of charge for the first 24 hours. The price after that differs for each facility.  Search for your bicycle storage facility and find out the prices there.

Paying for bicycle storage

You can use your debit card to pay at the storage facility each time you store your bicycle. Alternatively, you can pay in arrears on a monthly basis by means of Storage on account. All you have to do is register once, free of charge, using your personal OV-chipkaart. After that, you can use it at all bicycle storage facilities. At the end of the month, we'll direct debit what you owe from your account. 

If you have an NS Flex season ticket, you automatically already use Storage on account.

Do you frequently use the same bicycle storage facility?

If so, you can get an annual season ticket for that specific facility. This will enable you to store your bicycle there for a fixed monthly amount. We load your annual season ticket onto your personal OV-chipkaart immediately after you have ordered it, so you can use it right away.

Do you have an NS Business Card?
Then see how to store your bicycle with an NS Business Card.