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Bicycle storage at Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn station free for first 24 hours

At the guarded bicycle storage facility at Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn station, you can store your bicycle for free for the first 24 hours using your OV-chipkaart. That makes it even easier to store your bicycle, and the facility offers OV-fiets rentals as well.

In this bicycle storage facility, you can store your bicycle for the first 24 hours for free with your OV-chipkaart. After that, you will be charged the normal rate of € 1.25 per day. An annual season ticket costs € 75. Using your OV-chipkaart makes it even easier to store your bicycle. And of course, you can also rent an OV-fiets at the station.
If you don't have an OV-chipkaart, you can ask for a free loan pass from the storage facility attendant. You can then turn in the pass again to the attendant when you collect your bicycle.

Choose how you would like to store your bicycle

Day storage

For storing your bicycle for one day or a few days: simply check your bicycle in at the card reader using your OV-chipkaart. When you collect your bicycle later, simply check out again with the attendant. The first 24 hours are free from the moment you check in. After that, you will be charged € 1.25 per 24 hours which you can pay to the attendant with a PIN transaction or via Storage on account, which you pay for with a monthly invoice.

You can register for free for Storage on account here.

    Annual season ticket

    For just € 75 you can purchase a season ticket for bicycle storage from the attendant. You then receive a season ticket sticker which you can use to store your bicycle for the rest of the year without checking in and out.


    • Store and pick up your bicycle quickly and easily
    • Guaranteed space
    • Unlimited storage for a year for just € 75

    More information on the terms and conditions, and rates