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Free, unguarded bicycle storage

Unguarded bicycle storage racks are available at virtually all NS stations. The municipality often develops these facilities in cooperation with ProRail. Naturally, you can store your bicycle for free in these unguarded storage racks.

Store your bicycle for free in a secure facility? An increasing number of secure bicycle storage facilities and self-service storage facilities offer free storage for the first 24 hours. Store your bicycle securely for free (for the first 24 hours).

Questions about unguarded bicycle storage facilities

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding unguarded bicycle parking areas, please contact your municipal government or the ProRail department of Public Contacts via their website or by telephone during office hours (Monday to Friday, 8.00 - 18.30) at their toll-free number 0800 - 7767245.

Unguarded bicycle parking areas are checked on a regular basis, and incomplete bicycles and bicycles that have been left for more than the 21-day maximum are labeled and removed to free up space for daily travelers. If you notice that your bicycle is missing, please contact your municipal government.