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Extending season tickets

Annual season tickets are automatically extended each year, whereas monthly season tickets are not. You buy these every month yourself.

We inform you when your new contractual year begins

You receive a message when your ongoing season ticket is renewed. We send this message 7 weeks before the end date of each contractual year. After the first year you can cancel your season ticket with one months notice.

Extending a monthly season ticket

A monthly season ticket is not ongoing and so it is not extended automatically. You need to buy a new season ticket each month yourself. You can do this online or at an NS Ticket Machine.

Season tickets on your NS-Business Card

If you have a season ticket on your NS-Business Card, then you do not have to extend it. The season ticket is extended automatically.

Transferring to a different season ticket

If you would like to transfer to a different NS season ticket, then you can do so after the first contractual year for most season tickets. As soon as you load a new season ticket onto your OV-chipkaart, your old season ticket is cancelled automatically.

Bicycle storage season ticket

If you have a season ticket for NS Bicycle storage, then this will expire at the end of its duration. You can renew this season ticket for another year.