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Safe, comfortable bicycle storage

There are a variety of bicycle storage facilities to store your bicycle safely. Every NS station offers one or more options for storing your bicycle safely while you continue your journey.

The options

Go to station facilities to see which bicycle storage facilities are available at your station.

Guarded storage

Guarded bicycle storage with service attendants

Guarded bicycle storage facilities with service attendants | at major stations

Secure self-service storage facilities

You can easily store your bicycle using your OV-chipkaart at these locations.

Bicycle lockers

Bicycle locker with private access | at smaller stations

Unguarded storage

Free, unguarded bicycle storage

There are completely unguarded bicycle racks at almost all stations. The municipality often installs these in collaboration with ProRail. In addition, at some stations NS provides unguarded storage facilities with service. At these storage facilities there is an attendant present during opening hours.