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Travelling by train but don't have an OV-chipkaart? Simple!

iDeal and creditcard: Secure payment

How it works

  • Order your e-ticket online and pay with iDEAL or creditcard.
  • Download your e-ticket and print it in A4 format.
  • Checking in is not necessary. Gates with a barcode reader can be opened using the barcode on your e-ticket.


  1. NS e-tickets are personal. As a result, they are only valid in combination with a valid proof of identity. Do not forget to bring your passport or ID card with you when travelling.
  2. Children from 4 to 11 years of age, who are travelling with a Railrunner, do not have to show valid proof of identity. However, their name and the date of travel are shown on the e-ticket
active tab

    Is it necessary to check in with my e-ticket?

    No, you do not need to check in with an e-ticket. If you are travelling to or from a station with closed gates, you open these with the square code on the e-ticket.

    I have entered incorrect information for my e-ticket.

    You can still change the details any time until you have completed your order. Once you have completed your order though, you cannot change them any more.

    What proof of identity does NS accept?

    As proof of identity, NS accepts your:

    • passport;
    • driver's licence;
    • Community or European ID card;
    • marriage certificate;
    • Pas-65;
    • extract from register of births.
    These ID requirements apply to anyone aged 14 and over.

    The link to my e-ticket does not work

    It may be the security settings on your computer are too high. To change your security menu, go to your start menu and select the options below:

    • settings;
    • configuration screen; 
    • internet options; 
    • security; 
    • level used.

    You have now reduced the security level on your computer temporarily.

    I have not had any e-mail confirmation of my e-ticket.

    On the Confirm order screen for your e-ticket, you will also see the link to your e-ticket. You can download your e-ticket directly via this link and print it. You will also receive a confirmation by e-mail, with a link to your e-ticket. This e-mail is for your own records.

    It may be that your e-mail software thinks this e-mail confirmation is spam or unwanted mail. You may also have reached your mailbox capacity. Check your settings.

    If you are using a work e-mail address, it may be that your employer's firewall is blocking the e-mail confirmation. Contact your system administrator or call NS Customer service on 030 751 5155. Our staff will then send the e-mail to another address you give us.

    If your e-mail software is working OK, check your records to see if the amount has been debited. If it has not, that means your order has not gone through.

    If the amount has been debited, contact us. Make sure you have as many details of your e-ticket and payment with you to hand.

    I have had an e-ticket by mail, but I did not order anything.

    If the name on the ticket matches your details, then someone has ordered a ticket in your name. If not, then whoever ordered the e-ticket probably made a mistake when entering their e-mail address. In that case, you can delete the e-mail.