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Children save money travelling with Railrunner

€ 2,50 per child

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  • Railrunner lets children travel by train for just € 2,50 each
  • Railrunner is valid all day

Useful information

  • Accepted by other train operators
  • Valid on journeys on InterCity Berlin, ICE International and Intercity direct in the Netherlands, but not on Thalys
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  • Features
  • Also:

    • Children up to age 3 travel free if not occupying a seat themselves
    • Children age 4-11 can travel independently in 2nd class with a Railrunner
    • Children can travel 1st class if accompanied by an adult age 18 or over. Each accompanying adult can take 3 children with them, each with their own Railrunner.

    All products subject to terms and conditions.
    Download product terms and conditions (PDF, 563 kB in Dutch)

  • Ordering
  • Put Railrunner on an OV-chipkaart

    You can buy a Railrunner easily by putting it on a child's OV-chipkaart. You can buy Railrunners from any NS ticket machines and service counters.

    Railrunner on a single-use smart card

    A single-use smart card is a paper ticket with a chip on it, accepted by all train operators. You do not need to put any money on this ticket, but you can check in and out with it and it will take you through closed platform gates easily.

    You can buy a Railrunner ticket as a single-use smart card at:

    • NS ticket machines;
    • NS-service counters.

    Railrunner as e-ticket

    You can also buy a Railrunner as an e-ticket online. Enter the journey details and the traveller's name and date of birth, then pay with iDEAL. Then download and print your e-ticket. Use this printout to board the train.

    Read more about the e-ticket

  • OV-chipkaart
  • If you have not got an OV-chipkaart (public transport smart card) yet, or your card is about to run out in the next 8 weeks, then you can order a personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart for € 7,50. Your OV-chipkaart will then be delivered to your home within 7 working days. You can also buy an anonymous OV-chipkaart from any NS ticket machine or service counter.
    Order an OV-chipkaart (in Dutch)

    Checking in and out

    Hold your card up to the free-standing post or gate to check in for your train journey; then repeat the process to check out when you reach your destination. You need to check in and out with each operator, i.e. if you change to bus, tram or metro. You should check out at an NS card reader before checking in with another operator.

  • Frequently asked questions
  • How do I buy a Railrunner?

    You can buy a Railrunner as an individual ticket on a personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart or as a single-use OV-chipkaart at any NS ticket machine or service counter. You can also order an e-ticket online. Download and print the e-ticket, and take it with you on board the train.

    Is a Railrunner valid on international trains too?

    Your child can travel with a Railrunner without paying a supplement on journeys by Intercity Berlin and ICE International in the Netherlands, and likewise on Intercity direct. Railrunner tickets are not valid on Thalys.

    How can I buy a personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart?

    You can order a personal OV-chipkaart online, put money on it and individual products, including a Railrunners. Personal OV-chipkaarten are personal and non-transferable. If lost or stolen, your balance will be protected within 24 hours and you will get your balance back.

    You can buy anonymous OV-chipkaarten at all NS service points and all OV-chipkaart outlets. Use the address finder to find out where all your local outlets are.

    Anonymous OV-chipkaarten cannot be blocked. You can put money on them and individual products like a Railrunner, for example.

    Ik wil mijn kind begeleiden richting de trein op een station waar de poortjes gesloten zijn, kan dat?

    Dat kan, ook als de poortjes in gebruik zijn. U checkt in met uw OV-chipkaart en als u binnen een uur weer uitcheckt, ontvangt u het instaptarief terug.

    € 2,50
    per child
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